Pearls of Wisdom

“God takes you by the hand and guides you in darkness, as though you were blind along a way and to a place you know not.  You would never have succeeded in reaching this place no matter how good your eyes and your feet.” Richard Foster.

In his quote from Celebration of...

Random Encounters  Part 1 - Philippians 4:13

I treasure moments walking alongside God’s global servants, serving them and all the while looking for opportunities to share the gospel.  While in East Asia, a land where only a small percent of the people are Christians, I...

In the hands of the Sovereign Chef, we are being prepared.  It is in this process that we come to know the Chef as we observe His ways and are entrusted with His hidden secrets.

Time, a useful agent, is in His hands.  We tend to rely on gadgets to buy time, but not so w...

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